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My name is Marieke and I'm a 21-year-old girl from the Netherlands. As you can see, my Journal is almost empty. I created my LJ account so I could feed my Supernatural addiction. I love fanficion and fan art and LJ is the place to be! Since English isn't my native language, I'd like to apologize in advance for any grammar mistakes. Please, tell me if you've found any!

Like I said, I'm a huge Supernatural fan. I've known this show since it started airing in the Netherlands (around 2006) but the network who's airing it, decided to move it to an ungodly hour (24p.m.). Midnight might be more spooky, but it's not all that practical when you have a study or job :( But don't worry, I exorcised them all and send them back to hell where they belong!
Last year, I re-discoverd (is that even a word?) the series and watched every single episode online! My favorite characters are Dean and Castiel and reading Destiel fics is my guilty pleasure. Now, I'm trying to survive the hellatus by re-watching the entire series and browsing LJ for more fics.

Even though Supernatural takes almost all of my spare time, I do enjoy some other series. I like Grey's Anatomy a lot, have been watching it since season 1. I also like Rookie Blue, Flashpoint, Fringe, Criminal Minds and the occasional episode of Ghost Whisperer. A friend of mine is trying to get me to watch True Blood, so maybe I will add this series to the list later.

I don't talk about my privet live a lot, but I can give you some details if you're interested. I work 32 hours a week as a nurse in psychiatric hospital. I combine this with a study and hopefully, I'll earn my bachelor in nursing in just two years. I enjoy my work very much and I love to talk about it. I think psychiatry is one of the most interesting fields to work in, because it's a challenge every day and never gets boring.

If I've added you as a friend, it's probably because I've read a fic of yours and loved it! I like to keep track of awesome writers and friending is my way of doing that. You can friend me back, but don't feel forced to do so.

Once I've figured out how LJ really works, I'll put together a rec list of the best fics I've read so far.

If you want to know anything about me, just let me know! Can't promise I'll answer, but you can try, right?

Warning: re-posting fics

Originally posted by aythia at Warning: re-posting fics
I just want to make everyone aware that demondetox is re-posting other people's stories on their journal and even though they do credit I am not happy about finding my fic on someone else's journal.

They have posted fic of mine and many other as well so please spread the word.

Over and out.



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